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We highly suggest dog owners to learn all they can about their best friends, it is important to understand a bit more about your pet´s behavior and more importantly to learn the most efficient education method without the “need” to use force and/or fear.

In Pets Paradise we do not just train your pet, we educate both dogs and their owners.  We base our working technique on clicker training, this method is based on positive reinforcement and the basic principles of animal learning and behavior.  This allows us to teach new conducts and correct those that are inappropriate.

Canine Education vs. Canine training

It is not unusual to confuse or use as synonyms the terms education and training when it comes to dog or pet behavior, yet, both terms could not be more different.  To begin understanding the difference between them we should start with their definition.   Basically, Canine Education can be defined as the basic behavioral “rules” that will generate a good, positive and pleasant everyday living with humans and other domestic species such.  Example of such behaviours could be not to steel food, not to jump on you or other people, urinate and defecate outside of the house, etc.

On the other hand, Canine Training could be defined as all of the obedience instructions taught to a dog with certain determined purposes, for example: to sit, stay, lay down, heel, etc.).
Hence, one can have a very obedient dog who lays down when asked, who heels, and sits when asked, yet the same dog can steel food from the countertop, escape when the door opens, jump on the sofas and table, not come when called and begs rudely for food from our guests at the table.

The fact that he is a dog is not an excuse for bad behavior; education takes time and a constant reminder of what is expected of him.  You must remember, no one – human or non-human – is born educated, that has to be taught or learned.  No matter what breed, how old or what gender your dog is, she does not know anything until you know what you want of her and you teach her exactly that.
In our modern society, where our pet is an essential part of the family, it is imperative to have a well-educated/well-behaved dog; and to become an owner who knows how to communicate with his dog properly.  It goes without saying that Education implicates to respect and obey his/her owner.

It is very important to understand that only training your dog does not solve any behavioral problems at home; these can only be solved with a proper behavioral modification strategy, which must involve not only the dog but the owner and the whole family if it be the case.  Just like any parent must take her time to educate her child, a pet owner must take his time to educate his dog; this is THE most important commitment a person who wants to be a responsible owner acquires when purchasing or adopting a dog.

When a person does not recognize the subtle, but meaningful, differences between these two terms (Training and Educating), she becomes frustrated and does not understand why her pet still misbehaves at home even after a thorough training program.  Your dog was trained to respond to certain commands, usually while on a leash, and yet she/he was not EDUCATED and you were never taught how to do it either.

At Pets Paradise, we are dedicated to EDUCATE you on how to educate your dog with our help and guidance.  We want to make sure he/she becomes the pet you want and need, a pet that will give you joy and companionship for a long time and be part of your family for as long as he lives.

Why the Clicker?

We say that education with clicker is very simple, but not easy: and by using it efficiently, which can take some time to learn how to do it correctly, but it is an excellent experience full of achievement and satisfactions.

This method is so effective that dogs learn super-fast, very quickly creating a sense of accomplishment. The more you learn, the more you want to teach, the more you desire, the more you want to learn more so you can teach more.

Many people ask why I simply cannot, replace the clicker sound by saying “good dog” and give it a reward. First, the dog’s brain must process the spoken word before a reaction is performed. When a clicker mechanical sound is used, the reaction is immediate. This makes learning happen much faster. The accuracy of time is another reason, since we can click faster than we speak, so the message for the dog is much more direct and clear.

Another reason is the fact that dogs are not verbal, so using spoken language for an education program is much slower and can often be frustrating for both the dog and you.

Unlike our voice, which almost always reflect our mood, Clicker always sounds the same and always means the same thing: “you did well, a reward comes.” Which also allows more than one person to practice the dog with less confusion.

Teach your dog with positive reinforcement at Pets Paradise!
You will no longer have to force your dog to learn.
Since you will have a dog who is willing to learn!

Advantages of the use of a clicker

  • It is a positive method without the use of punishment.
  • It is a fun teaching/learning method for both dog and owner.
  • This method can be used disregarding the age of the dog.
  • Behaviors learned with this method do not tend to “disappear” easily, so even if the dog does not practice the behavior for a while he/she will remember it without a problem.
  • There is no limit as to how many exercises you teach your pet. They can be taught nearly anything.

The main objective of our lessons is to give you the basic knowledge and skill to allow you to teach your dog with the clicker method.

In our classes you will learn:

  • How to communicate with and how to educate your dog in an efficient and fun way
  • How to use the clicker as a communication and working tool
  • Understand the various techniques to build up or construct more complicated behaviors
  • You will be able to teach your dog obedience, tricks, agility and much more!!!

How will you learn these techniques?
Through practicing with your pet.
Bring your companion so we can work with him/her.
All is possible with positive reinforcement training



Education and how to solve Behavioral Problems


These courses are focused in the development of a pleasant and satisfying relationship with your dog; while having a better educated, obedient, balanced pet with no behavioral issues.


This course consists of 4 individual classes with you and your dog.  During each class you will be given the theoretical and practical concepts on education and socialization of the puppy; How to avoid and / or solve behavior problems, as well as understand and know how to handle your dog. Classes are once a week, the schedule is to be defined.


This course consists of 4 individual classes with you and your dog, during each class you will be given the Theoretical Profes-sional Concepts and Practical Techniques to solve behavior problems as well as understand and know how to handle your dog. Classes are once a week, the schedule is to be defined.


The dog stays in our facilities for 2 weeks, during which that time we educate him and then, you can receive with your dog the number of classes that are necessary to learn the Theoret-ical Professional Concepts and the Practical Techniques, to solve behavioral problems, as well as Understand and know how to handle your dog. This price includes food, which is our natural diet type BARF.

All our systems have basic, intermediate and advanced levels, where you can shape into what you have learned in the previous level



This course in group for you and your dog has been designed to awaken your dog´s intellect and talents.  During each class you will receive the Professional Theoretical Concepts and the Practical Techniques to teach your dog tricks, obedience and the basic agility obstacles.  This course lasts for six weeks with lessons once a week, the schedule is usually established for weekends, this is considered as Agility Level I.


This course is designed to develop both your and your dog´s skills, its main objective is to take you to Level I of competitive Agility.  For this course, you attend group classes along with your dog.  During each class you will receive the Professional Theoretical Concepts and the Practical Techniques to teach your dog the basic agility obstacles and to lead your dog through an agility course. This course is given for the various levels of this sporting discipline and lasts for six weeks with lessons once a week, the schedule is usually established for weekends.