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About Us

About Us

At Pets Paradise, Holistic Canine Educational Center and Hotel, we see your pet as an integral/wholesome/natural being with both physical and intellectual/mental requirements. To integrate both aspects of your pet´s needs and fulfill them, we propose education and intellectual development – good pet manners, basic training, trick training – and canine sports – agility, flyball, luring, Frisbee – as well as when necessary, holistic therapies.

To us your pet´s mental and physical balance is of outmost importance, and to obtain such balance we take hold of a series of Holistic Tools. We include amongst these tools the use and application of Essential Oils and Bach Flowers treatments, the use of the Tellington Ttouch Method and an all-Natural ingredients canine and feline diet which allow us to give your pet a professional and health-giving experience.

At our Center we add up over twenty years of experience in Education, Training and the Addressing, Assessing and the Solution of Canine Behavioral Issues.

We also count amongst our staffs with a Veterinary Medicine Doctor, UNA/ Ethologist, UCR; which provides our work with professional support and solidity.

We are proudly a Canine Educational Center where positive reinforcement is utilized and emphasized as the only teaching/learning method. Each one of our Canine Educational modalities are done with the use of a Clicker (Clicker Training), guaranteeing a method based exclusively on Positive Reinforcement.

We do NOT use choke or shock collars.

If you choose Pets Paradise, you will be absolutely sure that your dog will be educated by professionals, without corrections and/or punishments.

With us, you will find a place where you can have fun with your dog while educating and learning from each other.


Mr. Joram Freimann

He achieves his formal education on Dog Training in his natal Israel, where he starts his work in this field in 1980. In the...

Dra. Mary Carmen Marin, DVM

Ethologist, out of the Master’s Degree Progam of the University of Costa Rica, 1993. Licensed Doctor in Veterinary Medicine, with emphasis in Canine Behavior,...