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THANK YOU very much for visiting our website. Pets Paradise is a Holistic Canine Educational Center and Hotel, where your pet is thought of as an “integral being”. To us, a well-balanced dog is that which is healthy both physically and mentally; thus our main objective is to give pet owners a place where your dog/s may find such balance. Through our website you will have the opportunity to select from our different options which one is best for you and your pet dog.


When we decided to create our Hotel Canino, we did it thinking in the best way that can be given to a dog that is momentarily away from his house and his owners. We knew that your dog should avoid being too surprised, bored or depressed …
The idea was then, to provide him with a comfortable and safe place, which is also attractive and interesting to spend his vacation days, until the moment he return home.

Our Training Center

We highly suggest dog owners to learn all they can about their best friends, it is important to understand a bit more about your pet´s behavior and more importantly to learn the most efficient education method without the “need” to use force and/or fear.


Agility is a canine sport open to all dogs (whatever their race, with or without pedigree) that consists of making them overcome various obstacles in order to assess their concentration and agility. It is a sports and educational modality that aims to improve the integration of the dog with its owner and in society.

Dog Sport

Our dogs have represented Costa Rica in numerous international events, leaving the name of our country very high

Reviews from our Clients

Hi, Don Jory and d. Mary Carmen! Thank you for having had Toto with you for your positive training! After having tried "old school" methods, with which Toto's nerves were even more susceptible to those already accustomed, we were able to realize that now he is superatent to what we do and he responds super-happy to what we ask. It really has been a win for him and for us: no more "jaloneos" or screams, just a good dose of patience and zero stress and ready! We go on that daily path, we are in the process of relearning, and we do not think back to what it was before! Thank you so much for everything! No wonder Toto did not want to come back!

Alessandra De Franco,

This truly unique, beautiful place has been an absolute life-saver during the past three years we have been living in CR. We leave our two dogs (12 & 2) with Mary & Jory during our 4-5 weeks home-leave and are so thankful for the peace of mind (and the holiday pictures they provide). As much as the dogs are happy to see us upon our return, I can tell they are con-tent, healthy and at ease

Katja Lanz,

Harvey is now 11.5 years old and has been staying at Pets Paradise since we first left him in for training (barking ... beagle bark) at 6 months old since then he has stayed with Jory and Mary on every weekend or long 3 week trip We take and we get updates and pictures when we ask and he's always as happy as can be! He is not in a cage but rather a large pen and even with this he is still let out to run and sniff. Harveys diet (picture in comments below) and he's now receiving food made by them and he's lost 10 kg And he is fit and healthy at his ripe old age! This change in raw food we purchase from them, has taken Harvey completely off his medication for Cushing's disease caused by other medicine for his allergies on his skin! He's been waiting for you for a long time. Training ... hotel ... diet .. 100% recommend thank you Dr !!!

Julie Wilson,

We have three dogs, which we have already taken for several years to Pets Paradise to do agility. It is a super positive environment for dogs, where they learn a lot and share with other dog lovers. Training is always positive and rewarding for dogs to motivate them! It is an excellent place to go to share and socialize the dogs. Jory Freimann

Alejandra Campos,

I've known Pets Paradise for over 10 years. I have seen them born, grow and evolve. For me it is a place where professionalism, innovation and undoubtedly stands out and for all who love pets and animals, LOVE for animals. Dr. Mari Carmen and Jory are professionals with a big heart for the animals and they deliver 100% for them. Every time I find something new in the world of dogs, such as lure training or dog disc, ha, they are already doing it in Pets Paradise !. Go ahead, for many more years, the country needs places and people like you. A big hug, Christine Bork, director of the National magazine titled "Pets and More." "Pets Paradise has significantly influenced the development of sport and positive dog training in our country as well as support with coaching and training seminars to our coaches.For its positive education system and the respect for dogs we recommend them 100% " Miguel De Gracia.A. Canine Educator and Therapist. General Manager Agilcan Panama

Christine Bork,

Excellent pet care. Our dog is always in perfect physical and animic state when we pick it up from the place. Their owners give a very personalized treatment, very attentive and with details towards our little dog. Super recommended!

Mariela Azoseifa,

This is Kyra. She has a year, and although I have known her since she was only three and a half months old, she is with me 100% from 4 months ago. I came to Pets Paradise because I really could not manage alone. She was very temperamental and explosive, She did not obey much, although we can say that she had all the potential to be wonderful. The transformation that Jory Freimann achieved since starting the process with his positive training system was something I would never have imagined could be achieved with such precision and effectiveness in such a short time. Apart from that it is wonderful to be able to be involved and be part of the process. I have to say that they have changed our lives to both !!

Ivan Araya,

Dorothy arrived at a very important moment in our lives ... My heart was broken when my dog Lola died. I was very depressed, because Lola had left too soon. In this context, to make me rise from the sadness and disappointment of the departure of my puppy, appeared the most tender baby: Dorothy, as a Valentine's gift from my husband. Lola was a strong breed that we trained in a traditional and corrective way, in which we spent a lot of time and money trying to control her throughout her short life (we never did). With Dorothy everything had to be different: we wanted it to be a balanced bitch that we could enjoy to the maximum. That's how we met Pets Paradise and that truly have changed our lives. Everyone who knows her knows that Dorothy is dynamite and loves agility, running, swimming and stealing other people's food from time to time (heh), yet she has the tenderness and patience to spend hours with you Sitting on an armchair. With the help of Jory and Mary we have raised the best of dogs and developed an athlete with whom we participate in many activities. Every day with her is wonderful, there is never time to get bored and that's why we love her! Now we are always waiting for the adventures that await us to live with Dorothy and our friends of Pets Paradise !!!


After a bad experience at a pet hotel, we concluded that our peludito simply could not tolerate the change of environment. But we have to be realistic, in our country there is still no culture of 100% open to pets or responsible ownership, and sometimes we do not have the option to take him with us, so we have to resolve and decide in the hands of whom we will leave our Dear animals. From the first moment we came in contact with PP, the first thing we loved was the transparency and the opening, we were received at that same day without complications, so that we could know and verify the conditions of the place. The property is beautiful, and lends itself to what any dog needs, whether it is a lot of open space to run and burn energy, or your own private area where the dog can rest without being disturbed, like what my 15 year old needs - Visits to other hotels results always with contractures, diarrhea or a dehydrated dog ... We are reassured by the experience and knowledge of the people who work here, in particular Jory, who combines the affection for animals with the Discipline, and patience for the owners / parents that leave us with our hearts in our hands and do not stop thinking about the welfare of the peluditos. Thank you for caring for Bono but also for allowing us to have a well deserved vacation for my family and me

Monica Hidalgo,

PRIMO CARLO was a street dog but he was adopted on March 26, 2014. I thought he was very old and calm when I adopted him. It turned out that Primo was a young dog with a lot of energy. In our first week together: he tried to escape running through the streets, he kept barking so all my neighbors complained, he tried to attack any dog or person while we were on the rides. Before this scenario, I was desperate because I had committed to take care of him and give him a good life and was not achieving that and, to continue like this I would have to return it, knowing that with such a problematic behavior  it would be very difficult to adapt to another family. In search of a solution, I asked the veterinarian, Dr. Laura Flores, whom does she  recommend fro helping to educate him and correct his problems, she put me in contact with Pets Paradise. So we decided to take Primo to a valuation appointment to see what we were advised to do with him. Once at his facility, we were explained their methodology of working with dogs, which consists of positive reinforcement, that is a method of teaching through awards, without mistreatment or intimidation, so he enjoys a lot while fixing what is needed. Primo stayed in his education program for 2 weeks, when we arrived for him, the change was radical, we found a socialized dog, affectionate, who paid close attention, a happy dog !! . From then on we began to learn, me as how to bei a better owner and he to overcome the problems of socialization that he had. Today we have spent 2 years where we have continued to enjoy Primo and its education process, through classes of Tricks, Agility and Obedience, currently Primo is part of the Agility Team of Pets Paradise, participates in Agility competitions with his uncle Gabriel and is Honorary member of the Guides and Scouts of Costa Rica where he has made a lot of friendship with the children. He has also been certified as a Therapy dog in Acoteama. We have learned a lot of tricks that keep you very entertaining and with what we strengthen our bond even more, I had never had a dog that was mine and thanks to Pets Paradise living with Primo is an experience that I will not change for nothing. . !!


Pets Paradise and dog Agility changed my life and my pets life! I started doing the Clicker course with Nani in July of 2011 in PetsParadise and immediately followed with the Agility ... and my life and that of my pets change forever! At that time I did not know anything about the world of Agility and from the first class I fell in love with this beautiful sport, for many reasons. One of them is by Pets Paradise and the coaches: Dr. Mary Carmen Lara and Mr. Jory Freiman with their professional and personal treatment. First of all, from them I adopted my second dog Chiri who has been a blessing to us, along with Nany. So since May 2012 I was practicing Agility with two dogs, Nani and Chiri. The second reason has a lot of weight and is that Mary and Jory not only care about teaching the techniques of Agility, but also give me many tips to improve the relationship with my dogs, to achieve a balanced harmony in the daily work and also to improve in the courses! For me this makes the difference! In addition in Pets Paradise, dog and handler safety are very important as well,  as their concern that humans and animals also have fun practicing Agility as well as their holistic tendency, They organize unique seminars and workshops in the country that are of Much benefit to the harmonious life between dogs and humans. Also at Pets Paradise we are encouraged to become better handlers every day to compete in Agility World Championships of the USDAA. For this reason Pets Paradise organizes several official tournaments a year in Costa Rica with the presence of prestigious USDAA judges. Last but not least, my dogs love going to Pets Paradise as much as I do. They begin to cry with emotion as soon as we approach the property of Pets Paradise in the La Guácima, which incidentally it is worth mentioning that it is beautiful as well as very safe. And why did Agility and Pets Paradise change my life? Because my dogs and I have a sport, a hobby, a challenge, a "purpose" and a commitment to something that fascinates us and we are together in a balanced harmony that is physically and mentally healthy for both me and my pets. Being in Pets Paradise is a therapy for humans and animals in every way! The Hotel de Paradise Paradise is excellent and I know that I leave my pets Nany and Chiri in the hands of responsible professionals. The difference to many other hotels and Day Care of pets is that in Pets Paradise dogs are in separate "rooms" where they have their own indoor outdoor space as well as an interior space. They are very very clean, safe and take them out to play and exercise several times a day. I have an experience in another Day Care where what they promote as "good" but was not the best option for my dogs: my dogs were infected with Coccidia of other dogs because they were all day in the same space along with the other dogs, drinking from The same water, food, etc. And I know they did not enjoy it either because they did not have their "own space" if they did not want to play all day with the other dogs. This is the big difference with Pets Paradise where the first thing is the safety and welfare of the animals.

Jenny Hardtmann,

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